I have been thinking about creating a genealogy database of some kind for a while, and I wanted to do it for a couple of reasons. One, we have some really good historical info on the family, but it’s all spread around — it would be nice to have everything in one place so everyone can see it. Two, I think it’s important to capture all of this information electronically at some point so that we have a way to archive it and preserve it for future generations.

I have scanned many of the old family photos and documents so they can be added to this collection. If you have anything that would be a good addition to the site, get in touch and I will put it in there. Also, if you see any errors with the information please let me know so I can fix it. I am relying on whatever sources I can find so it may not always be accurate.

For technical background on how the website and database were made, see the blog post Building This Site.

Stacy Conaway
September 2012