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Old Lynch Cemetery


Old Lynch Cemetery

Located one mile west of Arbor on FM 232, now within private property. Hard to reach. Updated information by Mrs. Clara Conaway.


J. W.; b: 5-10-1829; d: 11-28-1911 wife of J. W.; no dates

Sarah Jane Willis; b. 10-22-1843; d. 1-23-1915; w/o J.W. Channel


Knox; b: -; d: -; Known but unmarked

Eliza Hallmark; b: -; d: -; w/o Knox; d/o C. W. & Jane Hallmark

Clara Eliza; b: 9-28-1920; d: 10-20-1920; d/o Asa & Clara

Marjory Vivian; b: 5-21-1932; d: 5-22-1932; d/o Asa & Clara


Silas; b: 1-19-1852; d: 11-27-1911

Jennie; b: 6-4-1848; d: 10-17-1886; Consort of Silas Daughter of G. W. & Jane Hallmark

Jessie; b: 6-4-1884; d: 10-9-1885; dlo Silas & Jane H.

Jennie; b: 8-21-1861; d: 1-18-1892

Eula Pearl; no dates, 7 yr. 6 m. 6 days; d/o Silas & Jennie


George W.; b: 1-6-1806; d: 12-12-1873

Jane; b: 9-1-1811; d: 4-11-1889

Henry W.; b: 3-18-1853; d: 1-13-1879; s/o G. W. & Jane

Rufus; b: 9-23-1842; d: 2-19-1901; s/o G. W., killed by falling tree

Pearl; b: 7-4-1870; d: 7-7-1874


Samuel Stegal; b: 1-18-1864; d: 6-5-1880; s/o Rev. Sam & Mary Lynch, A Methodist preacher of the East Texas Conference.

Mary Hallmark; known but not marked; w/o Rev. Sam Lynch

Latitude: 31.298900, Longitude: -95.310345


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1.Old Lynch CemeteryCrockett, Houston County, Texas, USA

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